Spiritual Growth- Developing the Larynx Chakra


I have studied anthroposophical spiritual science for many years. The work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner spans over one hundred years ago, which contains well over 6000 lectures (which were later transformed into written articles made available to the general public) with numerous reference books which can keep an aspiring student like myself focused for many years to integrate his spiritual teachings into my life, then into the community to be shared with others. Hence, here we are today to share these spiritual facts with everyone, articulated into common day language to make it understandable.

Also, while writing this blog series, I will be offering this entire article series to my daughter Shana Lee Gibson’s website exposing her audience a different perspective of spiritual growth based on this learning model. This work will be shown and proven over time to match everything Shana has stated through her various multi-media methods with her online presence.


There is a great length of work to understand the larynx (Throat Chakra) and its importance for everyone with the desire to grow spiritually. It is of special importance you know that this chakra is the first of the chakra’s that needs your immediate attention and development. Do not bypass this chakra first. After we have mastered the knowledge and are using this chakra correctly then we can go further to study the next chakra in the line, the heart chakra. Be patient, be positive. We are going to tackle this bit by bit. With this in mind let’s have a little fun and get started!