The Critical Point vs. The Point Of No Return

The Critical Point vs. The Point Of No Return

Original Post 04/04/2008

In our life’s choosings, it is fascinating to note how many times decisions are based on fear vs. faith. I know many points along the road which have proved this in my own life. Yet there are also times when the choice was a firm ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ based on a ‘gut feeling’- knowing what was ‘the right thing to do. A deeper drive based on faith regardless of outcome. Did it always work out? No, but most times the ‘right thing’ opened new experiences that created new directions and people in my life which I would not have experienced otherwise- new growth, new opportunities. Would I take back any of my experiences? Not on your life!

This brings me to my main thought to project out today- the critical point vs. the point of no return. This term is used in aviation. I’ll explain with a personal example I had. I departed an airport on a 450 mile flight in the high Arctic to a destination that had questionable weather. There were very few options as an alternate , with limited information to other possible airports. The decision was to go and if the weather did not improve above the minimum weather required, at some point a decision would be made to either go to an alternate airport or return to the airport we departed from. The critical point was at about 2 hours into the flight. A decision had to be made at that time to continue to the destination or 1) go to an alternate airport 2) return to home base of departure. Well, as you guessed it, we arrived at this critical point in the flight, the weather still had not improved(it was questionable if we would be able to land). there were no other options for an close-by alternate airport to wait for the weather to improve. It was at this point a decision had to be made. Continuing on this flight path further would have put us at the ‘point of no return’ the point which we would not have been able to return to the departure airport with a safe amount of fuel remaining. There would be no turning back! The right decision had to be made NOW. What was it going to be? Continue with the hope the weather was going to improve or return home? The limited information I was receiving to make a proper assessment aided in the decision to turn around and go back to the departure airport. We got back safely to the home base to a sunny day and the flight ended normal, with the decision to try at a later time or day.

This experience came back to my thoughts after recently reading a new book out about building and keeping wealth. We all get to critical points at various times in our life when a decision has to be made ‘NOW’, beyond which we will have gone beyond the point of no return. No going back! If the decision is based on a high degree of good information balanced with your ‘gut feeling’ you will base it on smart judgement- faith, rather than fear. Do not expect to get ALL the information. That will not happen. The only person who can take care of you is you. The only person who can make the decision at this critical point is you. Rise out of the walls of your resistance. Trust yourself, be yourself, walk the way you walk, talk the way you talk. Back this up with faith and information on what you desire and GO FOR IT! Push beyond the point of no return! No you will not be able to go back. But is it worth it to not choose the higher place in your life path rather than continue to choose the lower comfortable, fear driven life of mediocrity, obscured, unfocused. Rise up, take the challenge you know down deep you want & desire, tell your lack thoughts to get out of your head once and for all, and go forward with acceptance. Do it today. You will never look back. Why would you want to??? Choose the point of no return.

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