Oh Bee, Oh Bee, Where Art Thou In The Land So Free


Oh Bee, Oh Bee, Where Art Thou In The Land So free

Original Post 05/10/2008 

A recent tv show I watched profiled what I consider to bee the demise of one of the true wonders of the natural world...the honey bee. The honey bee pollinates just about every type of plant, vegetable and fruit in the fields of mankind. We do not only depend on the bee for honey. We need the honey bee to do the natural thing.. to seed the fields of foods in just about every food group available to man! If this does not happen we do not eat, period! The very makeup of the bee is amazing alone. They are designed so as to know which way the sun is, perform a dance that is in itself unbeelievable to show all the other bees how far, how fast, how high, how long to fly to get a source of food for the hive, how to protect the queen bee, the purpose and action of the worker bees, the purpose and action of the ‘drones’... the list is so far reaching to nature that comes right back to effect everyone of us directly- our mouths. Whether we realize it or not today, we will know the truth very soon, as we will not have the food the bee has provided since the beeginning of time. The bee’s are not even going back to the hive anymore, which means only one thing, death. We simply will not have the organic natural foods from the land of plenty to eat! Because there will not bee any! So now what??? Who, what is to blame? Why is this happening? Is it as profound as what the documentary revealed? Is it what is in our environment? A virus(s) and/or other health issues? Compromised immune system? Greed of the bee keepers and commercial operators? A mixture of some/all of these? Why is man’s head down and we seem to not be aware of this situation, which could be a tragedy on a global far reaching scale affecting our eating supply and nutrients? How did we let this get so far along on what could be an irreversible path, the death of one of natures wonderous seed planters and food suppliers. Why is it we are not paying attention to this serious problem...until a documentary reveals it as a serious problem? Is there something in all of us that we are so focused on ourselves, a narcisistic nation only focused on our own needs & greeds, our own desires, our own personal problems, our own personal wealth or lack of, our own personal illnessess/health issues, our, our, our, etc? Have we forgot the simple truth that nature has her way with the universe and inhabitants therein? She governs and corrects all negligence, all inverted perspectives and seductive spins away from of her truths. We are not getting the picture she must correct it all, as she governs everything below it, which is everything, including you and I. I, like many of you hope this can bee corrected and returned to it’s natural state, or honey at the kitchen table as well as many other foods we take for granted will not ever be there again...

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