Aviation- My Early Years In Edmonton

My love of airplanes started in the 50’s and 60’s growing up close to the Edmonton Industrial Airport (CYXD). Fleet Canucks on training flights flew directly over our house as they made the first initial right turn off runway 16 westbound for the practice area. Looking up from my backyard I learned to know every aircraft by registration, color, type and unique engine sound. The airport, being only 8 blocks away, was freedom for a young guy to smell the sweet odor of aviation fuel and dripping oil. To walk freely about the entire airport to look at and touch every airplane in site with no restrictions or fencing to withhold the imagination felt so natural. Type and size did not matter. The grass area was packed with every type imaginable.

The Critical Point vs. The Point Of No Return

In our life’s choosings, it is fascinating to note how many times decisions are based on fear vs. faith. I know many points along the road which have proved this in my own life. Yet there are also times when the choice was a firm ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ based on a ‘gut feeling’- knowing what was ‘the right thing to do. A deeper drive based on faith regardless of outcome. Did it always work out? No, but most times the ‘right thing’ opened new experiences that created new directions and people in my life which I would not have experienced otherwise- new growth, new opportunities. Would I take back any of my experiences? Not on your life!

Oh Bee, Oh Bee, Where Art Thou In The Land So Free

A recent tv show I watched profiled what I consider to bee the demise of one of the true wonders of the natural world...the honey bee. The honey bee pollinates just about every type of plant, vegetable and fruit in the fields of mankind. We do not only depend on the bee for honey. We need the honey bee to do the natural thing.. to seed the fields of foods in just about every food group available to man!

The Art of Business- There Are No Rules

“Every business... operates according to its own rules. There are many ways to run a successful company. What works once may never work again.” This is what Richard Branson writes in his book Business Stripped Bare. “There are no rules. You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing.” Another well known influential author, writer, expert remote viewer, Ingo Swann, stated exactly the same thing in an interview on the Jeff Rense internet show some years ago.

Will The Real Person Stand Up

So many things have changed in today’s high tech environments that allow, encourage, foster and grow, virtual altered versions of the self that may or may not reflect the real person. Most humans do not want to feel ‘left behind’ to anything new, especially on the web. We have a need to follow what is ‘current’, even if it is to our detriment, both personally and financially. Let me explain....

WebLog #1

A warm welcome to my new website. Over the next few weeks I will be bringing in my ten year collection of articles I have publicly posted in the past, audio article/lectures and music.