A word fitly spoken is like apples of silver in pitchers of gold
— A saying my mother loved, from the bible

I live in the Fraser Valley of Greater Vancouver, BC. I am a pilot, love multimedia, write & play music (six & twelve string acoustic and electric guitars, piano), write and record audio articles, among other media.  I have been a certified pilot since 1971 when I acquired my Private lot's License. By 1978 I achieved my Airline Pilot's License. I have flown for both air charter companies and corporate over the years. I was chief pilot of Skyfreighters Ltd., a Super DC-3 operation based from Nanaimo, BC. I have flown primarily throughout North America from the high Arctic to southern USA.


I believe eating healthy foods, having healthy thoughts, listening to great music and walking as  much as possible to be a fundamental, inspirational and a responsibility. Hence,  my actions align to a moral and social responsibility towards others,  the environment and animals. I  invest in socially responsible junior mining companies primarily in Canada, focusing on Northwest BC, the Yukon & Nunavut.