"According to recognized aerodynamic laws, the bumblebee cannot fly because of the shape & weight of its body in relation to total wing area. The bumblebee does not know this, so it flies anyway"





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I am a self-trained guitarist and song writer. For over 40 years I have owned and played both a six string and twelve string acoustic guitar. I purchased my first piano at the age of 21 which I placed in my parents home as I did not have a home of my own at that time. Years later my children bought me a lovely Les Paul Epiphone Electric Guitar which I love playing as well. I became a member of Socan through a song I wrote called 'I'm The One' which I did for a program my wife headed up on the Sunshine Coast called 'The Older Workers" Program. I brought in the expertise of Mike Young, a professional guitar player and Deborah Ledon, both professional musicians that live in the Vancouver area. We recorded the track in a local Vancouver studio at the home of an engineer who worked with music store LONG & MCQUADE.


I have been a pilot since 1971. I worked at the Edmonton Municipal Airport for Mike Hackman Aircraft Sales from 1967-71. Through working with Mike and several part-time summer jobs I made enough money to get my Private Pilots License in 1971 at the age of 17 yers old. At that time the course was $650.00. By 1978, I acquired my Airline Transport Pilot's License. Over the years I have accumulated 10,000 hrs in a variety of aircraft and have flown primarily throughout North America, primarily in the north and Arctic regions of Canada, for both charter and corporate operations.  In 1996 I was chief pilot for a 705 aircraft operation operating Super DC-3's. We flew a lot of cargo and freight throughout western Canada and the US including Alaska. I am an ambassador for flight safety and have aided in private and corporate requests for safe flight charter logistics.


I invest in small junior metals companies, primarily gold and silver, but will look at any company that has the right culture, legal, and economic framework, providing they operate with high ethics, are responsible & accountable to shareholders.