Canadian Legend | Businessman- Bob Keen

I wrote this article many years ago but felt it was important to bring it back updated into my new blog. I received comments from my old blog on Bob and hope to inspire everyone reading this article to please share any of your own experiences with Bob or his companies.

This video is produced by The National Film Board of Canada. It is a short bio and profile of Canadian Entrepreneur Bob Keen of Keen Construction of Fort Nelson, BC., Canada.

This is very special to me because I flew up with Bob Keen in 1970 in the same Beech Baron (CF-POI) profiled in this video to work my summer holidays at Fort Simpson for the then owner of Arctic Air who was Pete Cowie.

The Art Of Being A Great Canadian, Eh?- Part 1

I believe, without undue modesty, that I have certain qualifications to write on ‘The Art of Being a Great Canadian, Eh!’ as I was born within the lands considered to be the lands of ‘Canada’. Even with this evidence in hand from being a youngster I found out that every time somebody wanted to humor me or know more about ‘me’ they would ask that inevitable question; Where do your parents and grand-parents come from, that is...what country were they born in. A young child like me thought everyone was born right on my street somewhere (at least in their own backyard). Interestingly, their question was a correct one, as my mother and father, although both born in Canada, had many blood lines from other countries starting with their parent’s backward in time.

The Trappers Cabin- The Flickering Lantern- Part 1

Imagine observing an old trappers cabin. Deep in the woods, miles from nowhere, built to be protected from the cold winds surrounded by spruce trees. Yet close to the lakefront. A canoe onshore, always ready at his calling to go get a moose for winter survival food, or fish when needed. Smoke always coming from the chimney, keeping the inside always a place of warmth and comfort, with coffee or tea always ready just in case of a bush pilot visitor who may fly in unannounced, yet so welcome. Coming to be sure the trapper is alive and well, and tell stories into the night. The trapper walks the winter bush in snow shows, following the lay of the land and entrenched paths from years of knowledge, the intimacy of a true artist.

The Art of Business- Honest Hawks or Vulture Capitalists

A few years back I was invited to fly to the head office of a small airline to do a presentation in their boardroom. This was paid for by the company I was going to visit for the business meeting. The meeting was to provide logistics and aid in the growth of a possible new division to their core aviation business model. I had done extensive work in the background to prepare, having a resource company considering going forward with my plans if I could put this deal together. I arrived on their first flight in the morning and was met and ushered to their boardroom.

Aviation- The Early Years In Edmonton

My love of airplanes started in the 50’s and 60’s growing up close to the Edmonton Industrial Airport (CYXD). Fleet Canucks on training flights flew directly over our house as they made the first initial right turn off runway 16 westbound for the practice area. Looking up from my backyard I learned to know every aircraft by registration, color, type and unique engine sound. The airport, being only 8 blocks away, was freedom for a young guy to smell the sweet odor of aviation fuel and dripping oil.