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Video- Canadian Entrepreneur Bob Keen

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Catskinner Keen by Donald Brittain, National Film Board of Canada

UPDATE: I have included the obituary profiling a little about Bob Keen and his past, written in the Fort Nelson News. You can read it HERE

This video is produced by The National Film Board of Canada. It is a short bio and profile of Canadian Entrepreneur Bob Keen of Keen Construction of Fort Nelson, BC., Canada.

This is very special to me because I flew up with Bob Keen in 1970 in the same Beech Baron (CF-POI) profiled in this video to work my summer holidays at Fort Simpson for the then owner of Arctic Air who was Pete Cowie. I was 14 years old at the time! Bob subsequently purchased Arctic Air and established a main base with hanger at Fort Nelson.

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A Must See: Saturn, Zubenelgenubi And Libra Together In The Sky

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We know planet Saturn, the zodiac of Libra, but what is Zubenelgenubi? This is a word to include into my knowledge bank and vocabulary!

Early on Saturday morning, Feb. 22nd., providing the skies are clear, we have an opportunity to catch sight of the last quarter moon pairing off with another planet, the ringed wonder of the solar system, Saturn.

Start looking low toward the east-southeast horizon shortly after 1:00AM local time on Friday night/Saturday morning. Soon after the moon emerges from beyond the horizon, we need to put our attention to a bright, non-twinkling yellow-white “star” shining sedately well above and to its right.

Eureka…that will be Saturn!

Baring any obstructions such as buildings or trees in that direction that might block the view, an observer might have to wait awhile as the celestial pair slowly climbs higher in the sky.

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The Art of Showing Up Anywhere, To Make A Point

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Today in Yahoo News was a blog article about Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, showing up at a Board of Trade dinner. It seems as no surprise to anyone. The art of showing up even with a ‘kind-of invitation’ would be a signal to a serious individual using discretion that you are not really invited at all. A leader with integrity knows how to discern the difference and would not seek out situations that would distract from taking their duties seriously. So what would propel a person to do exactly that? When a look behind the curtains of the ‘event’ are pulled back, one can see there is much to gain by the person doing it. Media attention and strategic planning to keep always in the limelight and center of attention, no matter what. In the mind of the person, whether it is good or bad doesn’t matter, every opportunity is always good, in some cases, great. Especially when they are focused on their own agenda. With that being the case, it becomes easy to reveal perhaps what the real motives behind the action of someone doing exactly that.

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Many Picked, Few Chosen- The P/C Ratio, The Pick/Choice Ratio

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The following comment written by a user called ‘Becky B.’ from a recent article in the Huffington Post regarding an interview with Mark Cuban brought up what I believe to be an important acute awareness to discern the difference between what your perceptions tell you vs. how things may actually be, behind the curtains of the actual event.

This user wrote;

‘The SEC charged Mark Cuban for his divesture of known as, after receiving non-public information. Cuban had bought 600,000 shares of
The CEO of informed Cuban about a plan to raise more funds through a PIPE (Private Investment in Public Entity). Cuban was enraged, ‘Well now I’m screwed. I can’t sell’. After receiving insider information, trading was now illegal.
But Cuban decided to skirt the law. He called his broker and sold his entire stake in advance of the public offering, a violation of insider trading rules.
Our court system is only as good as its Juries. In cases like the Cuban trial, the Judge, who had already demonstrated prejudice when he initially

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Real Estate Home Purchase Nightmare, One Woman's Dilemma

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A Cape Breton woman may be forced to sell her newly acquired home due to an unexpected tax hike increase oversight. In some cases, Cape Breton Regional Municipality reports, taxes can double or triple for a new owner. The individual in the middle of this situation, Lisa Ripley, said that’s what happened to her. Ripley said she failed to ask what her taxes would be after the sale. “I asked what they were at the time. I did not know anything about a capped tax.”

The tax department of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality said on average, property taxes increase almost 20 per cent after a property sells. That’s because the provincial property tax cap does not transfer to the new owner.

When I read this story I couldn’t believe such an oversight could have occurred. More background to the facts of this story is important to fully understand how this happened. Having been a professional realtor and home marketing consultant myself sent a lot of red flags up. Yes, she may have failed to ask, but how would any normal person know to ask such a question? Many buyers and sellers do not know every possible variable that could affect a property transaction. Did she buy from a real estate company or a for-sale-by-owner private purchase? Did she get legal support by using a notary or lawyer to aid in the process? Did she use a mortgage broker to search a property mortgage or her own main bank?

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Rudolph Steiner Audio Lectures on My Podcast

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Rudolph Steiner Lectures Series Now Available on my Podcast

Enjoy listening to me read Rudolph Steiner lectures. The entire lectures in Volume ll series will be uploaded within the next few weeks. Listen to them at my PODCAST.

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Daily Juicing For Health

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We own a Norwalk Juicer which, in our opinion is the best juicer available on the market, bar none! This is our third juicer we have owned over the years. I have gotten into the habit of daily juicing again after a short sojourn of plain old laziness! Joan is dealing with a few health issues so we decided to put the challenge out to ourselves to take matters into our own hands and start a daily regiment of healthy fresh drinks.

“Drinking fresh juiced root foods like carrots strengthens the head forces resulting in clearer thinking”- Grant Gibson

This is week 2 of a daily 36 ounce mix of fresh carrots and garden chard. Some days I also put in an apple. Total time- 20 minutes. Very soon I plan to do videos on using our juicer for all to watch. You can start juicing with any simple juicer to initiate a health regiment at home…give it a try!

Here is the basic method we use…

Cheers to a healthy day,



The Magic of the Ideal, Chocolate Ideals, From An Idealist - Felicity Loudon

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A little while back I wrote a blog on Felicity Loudon. At the time she was deciding to get revenge of the sweetest kind, specifically of a chocolate kind. Her goal, together with her husband, was to sell their $45 Million dollar estate to(which has been completed), in essence, to bankroll her sweet decision to enter into the chocolate market with a ‘better, more natural’ chocolate bar. Her knowledge and understanding of this market, of course, stems from her Cadbury family heritage background. She stated the proceeds of the home/estate sale would be directed to get back to the family roots of a pure unadulterated palate pleasing snack of choice! Read more…

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My Birthday Blues, Royal Blues- October 16th!

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Well, well, well. Today is my birthday! It sneaks up slowly, then quicker, then out of the blue, the royal blue, it’s here. Another mile, another marker. Another milestone, another viewpoint to gaze into the great expansive ocean of my life, of real conscious living and enjoying everyday. And what is so great about it? Everything! And what did I do so far today? A little shopping, bought a few clothes, a good walk, and time spent with my thoughts on strategizing with the objective of planning the next year’s goals and plans. All this and more… Now time to have a hot chocolate with favorite cookies, enjoy the afternoon.

I toast a cheers to a great day, a birthday, mine…


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I'm The One- Music by DGGibson

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Music is a very important part of my life

I wrote and recorded a song about six years ago with the support and aid of professional local Vancouver musicians. I play my electric 6 string GIBSON “Epiphone’ and do background vocals. Voila. Here is my first recording mp3 track for your enjoyment. You can listen to it on my podcast anytime. Turn it up and do a dance to it! Send me a comment!

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